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Figure about Digital Media Consulting

Digital Media Consulting

The environment surrounding digital media is changing rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to have experts and systems that have specialized knowledge and can respond flexibly. In many cases, it is difficult to establish such a system solely on your own. agitoy provides media companies with consulting services for improving advertising products, sales, and technology. In addition to consulting, we can curate advertising technology, negotiate business terms, provide post-implementation support, operation and maintenance, and enhance functionality.

Figure about E-Commerce Consulting

E-Commerce Consulting

To grow your EC business, we provide consulting services for EC website development, CRM, social media marketing, and advertising promotion. We provide careful consulting and general support for marketing activities based on the short- and mid-term goals of a company's EC business.

Figure about Content Culture Consulting

Content Culture Consulting

agitoy CEO Sugiura was once a Culture and Trends curator for YouTube, and developed a deep understanding of the next generation of content culture and marketing. Media, companies, and brands need to deepen their engagement with the content created by people and content creators. We provide consulting, analysis, curation, and content development support.

Figure about Design Consulting

Design Consulting

We design corporate brands, products, stores (offline/online), digital content, and printed materials from a branding design perspective. We have experience in designing corporate websites, corporate and product catalogs, product exhibitions, and retail stores for shoe brands.




Company Profile

Company Name

agitoy, inc.




Masanori Sugiura


Hiroo1-15-7 Ad Building 6th, Shibuya, Tokyo

Main Bank

MUFG Bank, Shinagawa-Ekimae Branch

Business Details

Planning and formulation of existing/new web business strategies, development of services utilizing AI and other fundamental technologies, and production of video and advertising content


Masanori Sugiura

Masanori Sugiura

CEO & Co-founder

Born in 1982 in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he moved to the United States and studied at New York University, where he majored in East Asian Studies and Studio Art. In 2006, he joined Digital Garage, Inc., contributing to the launch of the Japanese version of Twitter and enterprise sales. Subsequently, he worked at i-Freek Mobile, Inc., where he was involved in the development of an advertising platform for smartphone apps and marketing. In 2016, he founded Agitoy, Inc., with a mission to enhance the global competitiveness of Japanese products, services, and digital content. He engages in business negotiations utilizing English communication skills and supports customer companies in developing new businesses and marketing strategies. In the field where technology and creativity intersect, he provides unique value to clients.